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Bing Maps App for Windows 8 : Bing Maps

Bing Maps App for Windows 8

There is a Bing Maps app for windows phone, but what about the new operating system Windows 8? The app is so similar and provide directions and location service.

The primary use of this app will be logically for mobile devices such as windows phones, tablets, navigations, instructions for drivers. It is logical that Microsoft would like to put Bing Maps on their Operating System. The app will be visible onĀ  the screen unless the user hide it.

How the map is working? You can move the view options, change the directions, grab the map with the “mouse”. There are keybord shortcuts for fast navigation of course. You can go to any feature immediately. Tap the key needed and you will be there at the place, function where you desire.Bing Maps App for Windows 8

Touch screen? On touch-based systems, you can go quickly to any zoom level in and reverse-pinch (or double-tap) to zoom out. People who uses mose can access the onscreen zoom controls that are showing in the lower-left corner of the screen.

User’s location

If you do not know where you are, you can always search for your exact location by chosing the My Location button on the app bar.

Bing Maps App for Windows 8You can change the view of the Maps presentation in 2 ways: Show Traffic and Map Style, the latter of which provides your choice of two display styles, Road View, which is the default, and Aerial View.

Aerial view traffic ?

To discover a place to a particular region with Bing Maps, you use the box named search in the bar at the top of your device: simply type a location name into the search box and hit Enter (or chose the Search button).

This is not the place you’re looking for.

Where Bing Maps will show you the location you are looking for by an intelligent way. If you look to get directions, tap the Directions button in the search bar to change the screen. This is like any other mapping product, with current location and destination boxes.

We will see who this thing will look at the Windows 8, Bing Maps is seen as more of a sample app that others will build off. However, Bing Maps has its own APIs, and we will expect in near future new experience in maps.